EV Car market thriving leads to technical revolution of wire harness

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First of all, thank you, Mr. Li. Let me introduce myself first. I am Wan Xiwu from Guangzhou Amphenol Company.I have been working in technical positions before and then became a business person. Compared with the previous several big names, MY content is not so much. Because I have been in the market for a long time, I have done some sorting and generalization.My content is divided into six parts, the first company introduction will be the last, to avoid wasting everyone's time, to start with the second point, including standard testing, security, and some common issues and cases, including I will talk about connector trends.High voltage connection now a lot of talk is the three power, battery, motor, electronic control, but in fact, we need to see, we actually need to pay attention to one point, is a high voltage system.The high voltage system consists of high voltage wire harness and connectors.

Here's an overview of what Amphenol TPI has to offer to connect the entire car to the battery, including high and low voltage wire speed systems and connectors.And of course for this box, commercial vehicles are different from passenger vehicles, there might be some small BDU boxes, there might also be a large high pressure box.The PACK will also have some connectors, including some collected wiring harnesses, and some connections between modules, which I won't expand on here.I have combed the current standards of the high-voltage connector, in fact, from the external charging, it can also be classified as a connector, but here I do not say much, mainly I add red these standards, most of the design of the connector to refer to some standards.Among them, TE Amphenol and other domestic and foreign counterparts do connectors, will be mentioned in line with LV215(or SR215) and other standards drafted by the European AK working group, because our national standard is still only a draft, and the new national standard does not mention more detailed content,So most now or in accordance with the standards of industry guidance in combination with the actual working condition of environmental requirements in terms of design, the inside can see LV and emphatically USCAR standard, corresponding I also added some corresponding to the standard of cable, interested friends can have a look at our back, have need can contact me, I offer you these standards.Testing here, I want to chat as passenger cars is the mainstream, the masses standards specified at least 15 years or 300000 kilometers, more see not connector, can you meet this requirement, actually, I more is to see your products with our customer a long work stability, this is very important, because I might be in the selection of the connector,Just began to choose when there is no problem, but the use of a period of time may appear this kind of problem, you this kind of test, such as protection is, but why there will be a problem, because is a relevance, because the car has been on the road, may be one of your acceleration, one of your brake tests on the static protection may have influence,So this is a more complex, so more to simulate, doing all sorts of comprehensive environment modeling and simulation, in fact, more is to look at the stability, it is you this connectivity on various occasions, under various complex factors also can keep you a set of technical requirements, I think it is very important,Especially in China, the future of electric vehicles is a big trend. When the market size reaches a certain level, this is actually very important. For example, the failure of protection may lead to a series of failure problems, which may lead to the recall and maintenance of a large area of vehicles.

So some enterprise product development would do some test items, to ensure that the use of the safety in the process of connector, this table I just about column, basically four categories, how do you like appearance means that some of your injury or, these tests are going to do some mechanical testing, these places I don't speak.We have a lot of the same friends, most will ask connector is what kind of test report, we will be divided into two classes, I understand that is to say, it is like a child's birth certificate, when I was born with all of the experiment, I might have to do a series of complete set of testing, factory inspection, I wouldn't so much,Means for some will check items to do some inspection, otherwise it may damage the product, you can't check frequently, may damage the long-term performance, also may be random, actually in the selected connector, the experiment of the two best to catch, but we have to according to our chosen connector in the car a few different parts, some of its special properties,For example, we use location, at the top of the chassis may be external bare environment is bad, will go to see your experiment, you had to do, including any third-party experiment, after seeing this, you may have to do some internal test, probably means that match some of your device to do such a test, actually consider, we also have to worry, localThere may be some label performance is reliable and so on.

This is an example of an autonomous solution I worked on before, so let's take a look at some of the design elements of a connector. I may not be talking about a lot of connectors, because connectors are more likely to be considered by a real connector person.In fact, these details, when we see it is necessary to have a look, because not all manufacturers can take this into account, product design will be uneven, this is also very normal.Second, let's look at it from here first. Just now, Manager Li also said part of it in passing. Let me repeat what I said here.For the connector, it is to look at the whole high voltage system, in fact, high voltage design is determined by electrical signals.Generally speaking, the high voltage switch off, then disconnect the current-carrying pin and insert is better, on the contrary, most manufacturers will put high pressure on the internal design, there are some manufacturers will put high pressure interlock inside, it will add a high pressure interlock, equivalent to outside a small contact, it's important that you should ensure the stability of the high pressure interlock,If your high pressure interlock of discontinuity, the likely impact of will be very bad, because of easy to failure, so for this kind of built-in facilities, is to consider if this is the structure of the CPA, carry out a protection to ensure that it is firmly in the uncertain environment to contact, we can in the selection, it can ask the personnel of connector manufacturers,How do you protect this, or if there is a problem when the battery is reselected, you go to the solution.The other point, I think, is to pay attention to composition, which is actually, as I said before, common complexity, so connector stability is very important, very important for this secondary locking structure.In fact, I want to emphasize a point here, I understand that the real secondary lock is not a secondary protection, to effectively protect it, what does that mean?Your lock is locked, but when you lock it, the lock falls off or is not checked in place. The second lock is to ensure that after you lock the lock, the first lock is protected, which should be a very important role, I am adding a lock, ok?This in fact is not such a mean, this is the second lock some of my understanding, in fact, we look at the rocker mechanism, although no scrutiny on my side is there a standard for it, but it is associated with flashboard force, in fact, the so-called mechanical saves energy structure will have a form similar to the rocker mechanism, can easily plug the connector in place, to the requirement of rocker arm,USCAR25 covers more artificial maneuverability of the rocker arm, including material selection.In fact, you can look at such standards, many connector manufacturers will look at the USCAR37 standard, because the USCAR25 standard is not actually as a technical standard, how can let the user use very comfortable, including how strong, it is from this point to consider, the Angle of man-machine force, so this is very interesting.You can take a look if you're interested.This is our common connector outlet way, the way in this place are actually two or three, either pressing cup, or copper bar connection, many companies will also be customized according to customer requirements.Another point that I can talk about it mistakenly inserted rows, on the vehicle, such as high pressure or integrated controller, you can use a lot of connector, is likely to have a lot of single core and dual core, often can appear the wrong operation, such as strong plug socket so in order to avoid this, the design is very important, usually there will be a color and a series of mechanical structure of two kinds of corresponding error prevention,Of course, the product model is also different, in fact, on the standard of LV215, there is a minimum mechanical error structure tolerance test, the minimum difference and force is 300, your design of the structure must meet this standard, interested friends can go to see.

On this side, I will talk about some of my own views, for the high voltage connector a few more important safety protection points.


The first one, we're going to talk about the seal, and you can see it in this diagram.Connector protection in three main points to decorate, a board side, the other one is that there is a terminal, terminal connector with cable between the protective seal, for high pressure connector electric cars, protective performance of the constantly improve, actually when I was two or three years ago to do design, actually IPI67 was also a very high requirements,However, with the increasing number of electric vehicles, including the gradual increase of requirements, including this trend, in fact, now it seems that the requirements of IP67 cannot meet the normal use requirements, of course, this is not absolute, but also to see where the connector is used in your car.Because according to the high tension line, in general, it will be hung below the chassis, high pressure not to hold this is also a principle, so most of the high voltage connector is in the chassis close to the surface, or near the hub location, when some of the bad weather, such as a big rainstorm or the brutal weather some cold weather,If you are familiar with the test, the domestic standard is not IP6K9K. You will find that if you are IP67, the impact pressure of the water gun is not 6K9K. You can look at the height of your car, the pressure may be very high.Therefore, 67 is sometimes difficult to meet the actual use requirements.That I was wearing a national standard of a draft version, actually will seal are rated for two, he in S2 level, specify the applicable occasions is the location of the chassis is low, he recommended and 9 is 6 k k, so future connection, protection must be 6 and 9 k k, could you above the location of the chassis, walk a little to hold the position,Or inside some of the devices, and there's no problem.

Another we talk about EMC, EMI, electric cars have a lot of electronics, and high voltage and high current creates a magnetic field, so the vehicle parts should have the ability of anti-interference, and that is the future like unmanned would like radar, or 5 g communications, especially the electric car now as a foundation, for unmanned will based on the more development,So it is very important to a point, for the high pressure system, it is very important to shield may connectors, cable, but in fact we more is to give priority to the system level, you will go to see a high voltage cable and the requirement of high pressure connector, because this is a prerequisite for, if your OBC, the position of you, including your DCDC,Whether there may be some congenital itself, in fact you do better connectors, also will appear this kind of interference problems, so the first thing you consider first the system type, followed by considering parts, here have a picture, we can see that as much as to say all the equipment to the connecting link between the packaging, all well block,There are actually three places in the concentration.Cable in fact, I don't say much, do cable friends can tell next time, in fact, the shielding efficiency of the cable can basically meet the requirements, to do a good word, it is difficult for a short time.Because if you've done it all before, shielding between your connectors is also critical.For connector shielding, we typically use three methods.In some of the plastic connectors, we often see that there's a metal shell inside, and your cable shield is going to be connected to the metal shell shield, and it's going to be such an effective 360 degree shield.Another, actually this is a kind of way, we often found that most of the high voltage low current connection, will not have a secondary connection, can connect with cable shielding layer, this way, is also now have manufacturers commonly used way, including some of the more well-known domestic makers, they are also considering this way,In fact, we call it spring contact, which is actually a spring connection.In this case, the benefits are also many, because the size, space will be smaller, it will have more contact points, even like Zhang Rosenberg also used this way as a high pressure;The contact carrier of the connector is mainly represented by companies such as BMW Spring of Switzerland, Basel of the United States, etc. They have also done a lot of cases in this area, including they have done a lot of applications in foreign countries.Most of what we do is we use a metal ring, which is a little bit more solid, and we wrap it around a piece of aluminum foil, so for connectors, they say connectors are expensive, so these points add up, and it adds up.When you want the industry to significantly reduce costs in the future, in fact, you have to deal with material considerations, supply chain optimization, and perhaps more from the perspective of design, how to find a balance point, this is very important.We also have a shielding method here. Amphenol TPI has its own shielding method, which is similar to a wave spring. We have tested this method in many electronic control manufacturers, including overseas projects.To be honest, we are relatively new, relatively traditional is still good, so far it is ok.


This page I will talk about heat resistance, the connector because the temperature is higher, I think it's two sides, maybe your physical environment factors, the other is heating material environment, said actually affect very much, let's say you within the capsule, or other places, and so on, in fact you different parts of the application of, including some of the domestic and foreign standards,The current maximum requirement is 175℃. When choosing a connector, the first condition is to consider the working range value, because it is important to look at the ambient temperature of the location where the connector is used.Because you are in a high temperature environment for a long time, it is known that connector materials are metal, plastic, rubber, it may not be so good heat dissipation, and when you continue at an internal temperature, the internal temperature will continue to rise, some problems will be a lot.In my opinion, you yourself also boils down to three electricity, one is the plate end connection point problem, you guide the crimping including the middle of the contact with a component temperature rise problem, nothing more than a problem of these three components, in fact, the measurement index, we say the contact resistance is as small as possible.To line the words most often pressure welding wire factory is good or bad directly affect the resistance size, we can also see some of the domestic manufacturers, the pulled off force is conform to, my resistance is also OK, no problem, actually painful lessons tell us that it is not OK, have to do a lot of simulation test, and you want to see, if you press very well,Only the public system, or you like amphenol standard system has its own internal compressor, this is very important, and every moment is a system developed, the industry inside the corresponding standard, although there are but the li standards such speak more general, you really get is, in fact, like the electric car industry, more is the experience of his own internal.

Most other words is the connection, with developers, in the majority with copper platoon connections inside the equipment, in front of a few large coffee are talked about, your design must use bolt, or you want to use such a preventive measures, to prevent the supply of loose, the bolt connection at the same time, must according to the practice, we have many problems, this problem the flames burn,You must follow my operation specifications, you must ensure that you do so within the specified range, because if you go beyond the possible problems will be very many, for the middle of the difference, most of the contact key to achieve.For example, typical contact inserts, including our Amphilo RADSOK, torsion spring, and "watch band" like MC, so we need to consider the insertion and removal, including the stability after insertion and removal, to see which way is more appropriate.For example, your spring type, if there is a chance later, I can talk about these connecting contact terminals alone, I also have such collection and sorting, if you are interested, I can share this piece with you.

Amphenol TPI now adopts the latest generation of RADSOK amphenol technology, and our next generation will use amphenol updated connection technology, its size will be smaller, our products will be through the communication with customers, increase the temperature sensor and so on a series of means, as far as possible to avoid some of the harm done by the high temperature resistant, can do some anticipation ahead of time,And this way is used more in China.

I've talked a little bit about this, but it may not be comprehensive, it may not be right.I think plastic connector compared with metal, plastic connectors have more advantages, in my opinion the mainstream trend of the passenger car is certainly the plastic connector is given priority to, but I don't think all the places in the car must use plastic connector, may according to the application in car parts and application environment, including your current carrying, including your comprehensive factors to consider,What kind of material you choose is more appropriate, we will be more interested in, of course, there will be some, we are in the whole site, I used to make a lot of plastic components myself, in fact, from my perspective, we will find TE, Amphenol will also have problems, but we have to see what the problem is.Temperature the, electric cars quickly rushed and starting current is generally very big, when you climb again, a slope, slope by one is a bit similar forms a cycle test yourself, you kept high current load, so the heat of the cumulative damage insulation materials, this may be the root laboratory test is different, because of its complex public environment,So at high temperature, low temperature for a long time, even if will do some experiment or circulation of high and low temperature impact test, many manufacturers including us, we also do the experiment, but the reality you will find that still have such problems, his environment is very complex, so the plastic material, itself, because there will be a adsorption, so as the long time use,Its hygroscopicity is relatively large, so it is recommended that plastic connectors may be more suitable for less than 200A.You might like some of your high requirement to the block, in secret near the internal warehouse location, may be more inclined to choose some metal connectors, as we continually to collect feedback, all sorts of data in a foreign country, even the connector manufacturers set up to a lot of vehicle data back, they will form an alliance, they more data continuously improved,Achieve a best way, as our amount, including many connector manufacturers in this aspect, and get a more realistic data, constantly to simulate this environment, the connector is stable, including our r&d of new material and conquer, cost to commercialization in the near future, all of these will not be a problem, can be overcome.

Comparison, aluminum alloy, as we are zinc alloy, even lighter aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy density should be a few 2 o 'clock, but plastic is a bit a few, either way, your weight is very big still, but the metal connector size is small, and do a high intensity, because when in use for a long time we will find that I am the plastic strength is very high,Have no questions, you will find that, because I've come in contact with a lot of feedback, such as your car to the north with for a long time, but you see there are no more questions, but suddenly one day casual small stones to go craze, you repair the middle link staff are not necessarily so professional, can touch your wipe is very normal,In addition to the creepage data, we may consider a little more, in fact, where we can escape as far as possible.This is not a problem for most connector manufacturers. Once the balance point is put on the market, some people will not consider this thing, so there will be such a problem.So to speak so much, I do think choose connector, just like I did before with the same friends, choose what to choose which type cable, actually choose connector is also a reason, it must be according to your actual use environment, include the layout position you in the car, in integrated together to consider the factors, because the market do contact the manufacturer of a lot of,There are also many options.

Side, collected a problem case to share with you, this is an end of amplifier, the surrounding plastic already all melt, is in a MCU integrated inside, actually through the screening, we determined the 3 cases of high voltage electricity, local high temperature lead to plug, and we finally found that because the cohesion,Is the place where I just speak bolt out of the question, we think the bolt looseness caused there will be some gap, instant high temperature all the plastic melt directly, sometimes I also made an analysis, it is the same with the previous analysis, three local screening, including access to key contact undesirable, according to the experience, it will lead to more,Because most will press some wire, some wire harness manufacturers will buy a variety of connectors, there are some tests, oEMS, making DVP will be very annoying.If you throw it to the wire harness manufacturer, they are not so professional, just as I said before, they are not so good, so it is easy to increase the internal resistance. Once the current is over, the temperature of the contact key is very high.For the female end, it's more of a bolt connection, and there may be some problems there.There is one point, in fact this place didn't go to wash, in the middle of a key, contact your poor contact can cause fires, this is a good decision, next time we can find that this approach can be judged the trend of melting point of questions where, if you rarely contact point, are instantaneous high pressure breakdown, actually find male female end fused together,When you look at it, it's actually a whole. If you look like this, one end is very black, and the other end doesn't seem to have a big problem, it must be this side.In fact, this thing is not easy to talk about, because most manufacturers found this problem, do some aspects, do some tests, including through some visual problems of the main cause of the point, there will be a lot of uncertainty in it.Now most manufacturers out of the problem, the conventional means will be a report, you may solve the long and short term way is to replace the goods and so on some problems, as far as I am concerned, for the grasp of the connector, so we must consider from the source, including the selection of manufacturers to consider from the selection.Another place, to connect the market, you may design a three-core connector, you may use it in electronic control, you may be more than the connector itself, from the vehicle thinking point of view, you use in this place will have some problems, what is the general condition?Again to say you go to design a product, this is our general situation, this is we used an internal protection measures, so that the effective sealing will not come out.

Finally, I will talk about the trend, in fact, it is relatively shallow, in my opinion, I have also discussed with many friends, now with the new energy vehicle drive motor, often like motor, electric control will be three in one, four.

Now this method of integration, already all used again, so I told a lot of friends to discuss, so will directly reduce the join point, means the use of high pressure connector number can also be reduced, this is true, even in the future in some other connection link, most to take more effective line connection problem, so the bicycle, may indeed be reduced.But with the increasing of the passenger car market in the coming two years, May 3 million the amount of the venue, so I do think the overall usage will present a growth trend, so you don't have to worry about the quantity of the market, actually more you have to consider your products better, more stable performance, very early to adapt to the trend of the development of the market,Because if you make your product better, your performance requirements, your costs can come down, even if the market doesn't have that much of it, you can't use all of it.The second is low cost and lightweight. As you all know, I don't need to say more, because the news of subsidy reduction in 2018 keeps coming out.In fact, in the future of the market, both commercial and passenger vehicle markets need to be responsible for their profits and losses, so the cost of connectors will be greatly reduced with the requirements to meet the cost requirements of the vehicle.Considering public complex with standard requirements gradually improve, connector actually like I said above, you want to do, must improve the performance of the premise condition, but also reduce cost, of course this also is very difficult, you don't have to put your supply chain can do die, this is likely to be other than r&d colleagues to consider problems, we should more from the structure of the product itself, the choice of materials,Balance the grasp of the above to make an issue of how to come down, because our internal speak a word, don't let your supplier didn't earn money, this is wrong, you want them to make money, this is very important, more should start from the Angle of technology, from a technical point, so you reforms, could save a lot of cost,This is a lot of manufacturers from my perspective should be to consider the place.

Finally, I chat platform and customization, the electric car of this type is more, such as passenger cars, logistics vehicles, including you like our electric truck, that paragraph of time to do for Volvo requirements will not be different, or will come up with some very special requirements, so there was unmanned, including Internet car, new energy and so on, our connector manufacturer,I do think is also can consider, the electric car industry demand segment of customization (vehicle terminal and battery), I think may be is a good try, because in general, these types of car will be on different occasions, are used, is actually a niche, although said that my quantity is not so big, but the market is belong to me,I am at the top of the market, it is a good choice.Batteries and the second is the platform, the future vehicle tends to platform, how to maintain an in-depth technical communication with customers, forming the platform of product is important, because this kind of thing platform, the domestic makers, everybody platform is also different, such as PACK much more special, each its own module solutions, electricity box group is different,We need to communicate and bind with the main engine factory. As a connector manufacturer, we need to think about how to do this thing, which is suitable for the platform application.